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Run your business from one tab.

MoneyPenny covers online invoicing, time and project tracking.
No spreadsheets. No installation.

The MoneyPenny story

It all started in 2014... We had many freelancers or small business owners among our friends. They were all complaining about the same things:

  • spending too much time on paperwork;
  • keeping track of receipts and capturing expenses;
  • dealing with tax reports;
  • having to use different apps to track time, to create invoices or reports;
  • even if they were using different apps they still needed to perform calculations in excel spreadsheets.

We know working with freelancers from various platforms is challenging: keeping track of who is doing what, then the invoicing headaches, the spreadsheets, the tax hassle. Such frustrating details take all the joy out of freelancing or launching your small business. So we decided to do something.

Smart online accounting for small businesses in one place

There are many apps to choose from. The problem is they’re focused either on invoicing, project management or time tracking. MoneyPenny does it in ONE PLACE.

Now freelancers and small businesses can become more organized and focus on what matters: clients, work, projects and team members.

Save time with auto invoicing, turn estimates into invoices with 1 click or setup late invoice reminders. You can access these key features and many more for less than the cost of your daily coffee. Why not start your free 30-day trial today?

Why „MoneyPenny“?

It’s passion and dedication, but at the end of the day, it’s about your money. Make sure that your projects are going in the right way. Every (billable) second matters, we count every penny.

Be like James Bond

We love James Bond. Why? Because whatever happens, he never whines. That’s what entrepreneurs should do. Never complain. MoneyPenny is here to make it easier. It’s more than online invoicing software. Easy handling of business data is now doable. See for yourself. Join MoneyPenny TODAY.

Whether you’re a freelance copywriter, an entrepreneur, a plumber, architect, agent or you own a small company, we’re here to help you save time. Leave the paperwork to us because: We’re good at it. Simplifying business data processes makes us wake up in the morning (it sounds weird, but it’s our thing).

Why and how we do it?

We want to keep your passion and enthusiasm high. Nobody went intro freelancing thinking they’ll have to waste time creating estimates or turning logged hours into invoices.

Since tracking time is what you have to do anyway, MoneyPenny takes this data and automates processes such as invoicing or financial reporting. Besides, you can invite clients, team members and your tax consultant over. Sharing business data has never been so handy, while using bank-level security standards. Easy and safe.

Our Mission

To deliver the smartest, safest and painless cloud business tools so that our clients don’t waste time on tasks that are not part of their core business.

Our Vision

We envision a future where each freelancer, startup or small business will have all their business data safely stored in one place – accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device, within a single tab in their web browser. No installation. No spreadsheets. No pain.

MoneyPenny Blog

The MoneyPenny blog

Since sharing is caring, we started a blog where we put together helpful articles, power tips, tricks and hints about MoneyPenny features, online invoicing, time-tracking, productivity boosters and anything that can help you manage your business. Keep that passion alive!

We’re here to help! Signed: the MoneyPenny team

We’re a happy bunch of experts in financing and business. The smiling faces you see here belong to the friendly voices you hear whenever you’ll contact us.

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